The Know - How
Precast concrete elements are of considerable interest for engineering offices and construction

Concrete is an exceedingly environment friendly building material with a variety of design
possibilities and is a sound economic choice.

As a producer of precast elements, we have the highest quality standards for our products. Our
products are monitored by our own quality control staff as well as by external quality control

Technical consultation by our expert employees and flexibility concerning fulfillment of customer
wishes, contribute to satisfaction of our business customers.

The slogan "Satisfied Customers" will continue to characterize the company's philosophy now and
in the future.

Categories of Products

    • Manhole elements according to DIN 4034
    • Manhole Attachment
    • Road drains according to DIN 4052
    • Reinforced retaining walls
    • Ducts and cover slab
    • Shaft structures
    • Acustic barrier elements
    • Concrete safety barriers
    • Water drainage structures
    • Precast foundation elements, road slabs, silo
    • Special structual precast elements
As a member of the limited partnership we produce the concrete safety barrier
Production of Manhole Bottom Elements
Custom Designed Cove Slabs
Concrete Safety Barriers

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