Hans Abel GmbH&Co.KG   Betonwerk Köthen
Prosigker Kreisstraße 1,
06366 Köthen
The Company
The carpenter Ernst Abel who founded his own carpenter firm in Koethen in 1925 did not envision
that in 75 years his small firm would grow into a successful enterprise with 80 employees, well
known as Hans Abel KG, today for producing precast concret elements.

In 1953 Ernst Abel's son, Hans Abel, formed a partnership with Silbermann Building Contractors to
carry on his fathers business and this was the basis for the concete firm.

Since 1958 the firm named Betonwerk Hans Abel KG produces precast elements for use withhin
their construction business. In 1961 the firm increased its production of precast elements, including
manholes and channel elements. From 1972 until 1990, as a company owned by the state, the firm
continued to produce typical civil engineering concrete elements.

On July 1, 1990 the company was transferred back into private ownership. Wolfgang Abel, Hans
Abel's grandson took over leadership of the firm with its traditional location in Koethen.

Since 1990 the company invested in the latest technology for the production and transport of its
products. Also the product range has been increased. An assortment of civil engineering products,
such as noice protection walls and safety barrier systems have been added as well as products for
environment protection.

The result of many years of experience and creative thinking have contributed to the confidence and
reliability of the products of Hans Abel KG.

Telefon: 03496/50890     Internet: www.abel-beton.de