Hans Abel GmbH&Co.KG   Betonwerk Köthen
Prosigker Kreisstraße 1,
06366 Köthen
The References
Precast concrete elements produced by Hans Abel KG have been used in many different large
projects. The intense use of these products is testimony to the high quality and durability of our

  • The hydrant water shaft system
    of the Leuna 2000 oil refinery
  • Large shafts for the Boxberg power station

  • The acoustic barrier wall for the federal motorway A2 near Braunschweig
  • Channel elements for the Cracauer Anger dump in Magdeburg
  • New sewage shaft structures for the Leipzig - Halle airport
  • Water drainage structure and water drain used in construction of B2 near Schwedt

  • A large agricultural fodder silo
  • Drainage for the Guenthersdorf Saalepark
  • Honeycombed slabs for high water protection
  • A stretch of channel for Infra Leuna

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